OSR Version Dropping Tue 3/23

With the success of our 5th edition version, we are now releasing an OSR version of DD-02 The Darkness Beneath Brightwell Manor!

DD-02 is about a reclusive noble family whose manor estate is corrupted by the presence of some of the creatures from DD-01 living in their vicinity. The eccentric family of spellcasters and cultists turns on their own, subjugating or torturing their mercenary guards and servants. Vile experiments with oozes and slimes turns into a horrifying means by which the family's patriarch, Eldon Brightwell, begins to create new monsters. His ultimate goal: the corruption and conquest of nearby towns, like Dalentown!

Using our learnings from DD-01 and the 5th Edition version of DD-02, we've laid out the adventure in an easy-to-use manner for your game sessions, whether they are in-person or virtual. It utilizes a sort of one-page dungeon layout that, while not truly just one page, does condense the information so you can stick a couple pages on your GM screen and have everything you need for a full level of play! The monsters, magic items, and encounter lists are in a separate, printer-friendly appendix for easy reference, or for cutting out magic items as reference cards for your players. We've made sure to utilize a huge mix  of monsters, so you'll see old school favorites, OGL monsters from 5th Edition and Pathfinder, and a few new critters, all fully redesigned from the ground-up to work in your favorite OSR systems like Old School Essentials, Swords & Wizardry, OSRIC, and so on!

Check it out Tuesday 3/23 on itch.io!

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It's here! OSR version for 1st edition and B/X inspired retroclones like OSRIC, Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, and the like is available now! Check out DD-02 for OSR games here.