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A dungeon fantasy adventure of ick, ooze, and infernalism

A crew of workers expanding the sewers of the growing trade settlement Dalentown have stumbled upon an ancient library of magical lore once held by the dwarves who mined crystal veins. But the spirits that haunt these halls speak of a deeper darkness that grows in the bowels of their cursed hold. The adventurers will have to find eternal peace for the restless dwarven spirits, contend with ratfolk who understand the true terrors in the dark, and stop a mad demon from unleashing a horde of slimy creations upon the surface world!

This adventure scenario and setting is the first full-length product for the DeScriptors RPG that features a single world. It showcases how to modify the DeScriptors RPG mechanics to emulate the dungeoncrawl genre, providing tons of optional rules, a starting town (Dalentown, explored more deeply in Adventures in Dalentown for DeScriptors RPG), and four dungeon levels filled with interesting monsters, challenges, and treasure.

If you're new to the diceless mechanics of DeScriptors, this adventure provides hundreds of examples of thematic setbacks, plus special options and mechanics to make every challenge feel unique. If you're an old hand at the system, then there's tons of custom-built challenges that will take your games further!


  • A detailed starting town, Dalentown, complete with maps, NPCs, and its own challenges and intrigues.
  • Four dungeon levels filled with monsters, traps, and treasure.
  • Dozens of optional rules to expand on the otherwise simple narrative mechanics of the DeScriptors RPG, and to give players access to new and special one-use traits and long-term magical treasures!
  • A bestiary of monsters pulled from dozens of fantasy RPG sources, complete with thematic setback examples, and in some cases entirely new challenge mechanics.
  • Fully bookmarked and linked for easy navigation.
  • A map pack that includes completely re-mastered maps by Elven Tower Cartography!


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