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DeScriptors: A Word Game Micro RPG was first released to the public as part of 2015's Wayne Con, and it has been featured in several episodes of the popular writers' workshop podcast, the Worldbuilder's Anvil, hosted by Jefferey Ingram!

Create characters in a minute. Come up with a handful of encounters, scenarios, or plot twists in five minutes...or even on the fly! Run a full, satisfying game in just 1-2 hours! But even within the compact nature of the game, the use of adjectives and nouns forces characters to change and grow as they deal with the scenarios they face, and therefore a short series of continuous sessions or even a long campaign are fully supported, and your characters will evolve!

This roleplaying game and setting fits beautifully on one-page for quick-referencing, and we've included a longer-form version (about 3 pages) that provides a more useful layout for player handouts and to include a piece of art by the amazingly talented Rick Hershey to get you in the mood for the gonzo setting! "Anything Goes" -- inspired by the short story "While You Were Gone" -- is best described as "a setting where infinite portals to infinite worlds collide with the Earth, played for surprises and laughs." It doesn't necessarily have to be comedic though, as the word-game nature of DeScriptors lends itself to the tones and themes that you wish to explore in an incredibly simple, tightly balanced package.

If you like what you see here, please consider throwing the recommended price at us so we can put that toward the development of DeScriptors: Definitive Edition! This will feature multiple all-new campaign settings, variant and optional rules, and a game master guide-style FAQ by creator Matthew Bannock and podcast host Jeffery Ingram! Otherwise, enjoy this PWYW version as the perfect short-form game, convention game, or pickup game that you can fit right in your pocket!

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AuthorTim Bannock
TagsDark Humor, diceless-rpg, Fantasy, Horror, humor, Narrative, Tabletop role-playing game


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