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DeScriptors: I Mean Business is a 1-on-1 optimized tabletop roleplaying game you can play on the go in this clever business card-formatted version! Clever word play and a transformative character arc takes on a new, fast-playing and high-stakes form.

I Mean Business adds interpersonal Relationships as the only source of recovering traits, which brings a whole new level of drama to your DeScriptors games. At the same time, Setbacks become a ticking clock of permanent stains on your character's record, upping the ante as you choose to spend your limited abilities on success and put your career, friends and loved ones on the line.

Enjoy this game? DeScriptors RPG is the game of clever word play and transformative character arcs, and it's free online at DeScriptorsRPG.com.

Ashcan Variation

NOTE: These rules are an "Ashcan" release and are offered for $1.00. Once we make $25 off this release, this system gets additional playtesting and then will be finalized and published in a future DeScriptors book with art and additional options and guidance!


  • The 1-on-1, high stakes interpersonal relationships version of DeScriptors that fits on a business card.
  • Included are a PDF version as well as a high resolution image version.
  • We've also added a printer-friendly 8.5x11 version of the game, and a character sheet in business card-style layout in both PDF and high resolution PNG.
  • If enough folks like you support this release, it gets expanded and improved!
  • We value your feedback as we playtest these rules. Comment here or drop us a line at DeScriptorsRPG.com.


Developed by Tim Bannock for the #pleasurecardrpg jam on itch.io

DeScriptors RPG created by Matthew Bannock

Icons from game-icons.net:

  • 3D Meeple by Delapouite under CC BY 3.0
  • Enlightenment by by Lorc under CC BY 3.0


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DeScriptors-I-Mean-Business_8-5x11.pdf 58 kB
I-Mean-Business_Character-Sheet.pdf 109 kB
I-Mean-Business_Character-Sheet.png 36 kB

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