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Built for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam, SHARP is a rules-lite fantasy adventure tabletop role-playing game. Using the tropes you're already familiar with, SHARP performs two neat little tricks:

  1. SHARP re-casts Classes as flexible role combinations, so you can play interesting and bizarre combinations.
  2. SHARP gives the GM tools to build all challenges from the same framework, so the only difference between fighting goblins and saving commoners from a burning building is the players' ingenuity!

Formatted to fit on a business card, one side includes rules for creating adventurers and taking action, plus four pregenerated characters. The other side gives GMs the tools they need to adjudicate actions and challenge the adventurers, as well as two sources of inspiration: a list of tons of different challenges and levels, and a random table for rolling up the inciting incident that starts your adventure!


  • You get a complete fantasy adventure TTRPG that fits on a business card.
  • Included are a PDF version as well as a high resolution image version.
  • A printer-friendly 8.5x11 version: one page for the Players and one page for the Game Moderator.
  • Each of the four pregenerated characters on their own page (PDF) for printing, and as high resolution images.


Created by Matthew Bannock

Developed by Tim Bannock for the #pleasurecardrpg jam on itch.io

Icons from game-icons.net:

  • Bowman, Rear Aura by Lorc under CC BY 3.0
  • Mounted Knight by Skoll under CC BY 3.0
  • Swordwoman by Cathelineau under CC BY 3.0


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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SHARP_ Short Hand Adventure Role Playing.pdf 205 kB
SHARP-01.png 214 kB
SHARP-02.png 187 kB
SHARP_Fantasy-Characters.pdf 182 kB
SHARP_Fantasy-Characters_KNIGHT-PROTECTOR.png 126 kB
SHARP_Fantasy-Characters_MINDMAGE.png 112 kB
SHARP_Fantasy-Characters_QUICKBLADE.png 111 kB
SHARP_Fantasy-Characters_TRACKER.png 111 kB
SHARP_print-friendly-8-5x11.pdf 147 kB

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