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Now available for Old School Essentials and any 1st Edition or BX-compatible OSR game system.

You've entered a land of intrigue and opportunity: Dalentown.

You've fought the darkness beneath.

Now, journey into the mysterious frontier beyond.

Welcome to the Western Frontier, a hexcrawl-compatible region custom-built for your adventures!

First hinted at in DD-01 The Darkness Beneath Dalentown, the Western Frontier is a region that begs for adventure. In this gazetteer, you'll get the broad strokes of the Trueland Campaign setting and several of the settlements and adventure sites of the region surrounding Dalentown, as well as the first glimpse at a larger world in the included hex map.

Whether you use the setting material or just want to use the maps and locations for inspiration, this gazetteer gives you everything you need. Using a 6-mile hex map, you can drop this region into any frontier area of your campaign setting of choice, or you can use it as the beginning of a hexcrawl, or as a vague world to hold together your one-shots. The choice is yours!

Best of all, you can pick it up for free and get a taste of the three settlements detailed in the upcoming OSR version of Adventures in Dalentown, plus get hints of future adventure sites, player options, and other stuff we're cooking up for future releases!

Tales from Dalentown: Trueland Gazetteer for 1st Edition and BX includes:

  • Standard and 6x9 layout versions for optimization on multiple devices.
  • Regional map using Worldographer by Inkwell Ideas.
  • Unlabeled town map for Dalentown by Elven Tower Cartography.
  • A short setting history custom-built to drop into your campaign setting of choice or to expand in your hexcrawl campaign.
  • A gazetteer including adventure ideas, encounter tables, monster encounter groups, character options, and fully-detailed NPC stat blocks.
  • Three new monster stat blocks, including the monstrous Swamp Hag, a 12 hit die Lich complete with spell list, and the mysterious Whisper Wraith!


Written by Matthew Bannock and Tim Bannock. Editing and Layout by Tim Bannock. Cover Art by Rising Phoenix Games, Interior Art by Patrick E. Pullen and Jayaraj Paul. Cartography by Elven Tower Cartography, Worldographer (by Inkwell Ideas)


Enjoy what you see here? Pick up DD-01 The Darkness Beneath Dalentown for 1st Edition and BX to jump right into Dalentown and adventure in the setting!


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