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Opportunity. Intrigue. Welcome to Dalentown!

Dalentown is a growing settlement in a frontier region of strange characters and mysterious sites. Nearby, the halflings and gnomes of Rock Down live a relatively idyllic life among their orchards and fishing holes. Elsewhere, the mysterious wizard Xailaria has expanded her manor into a thriving village that caters to collectors and smugglers of magical items of power. A flying citadel, long ago abandoned by unknown creators, looms above it all.

Dalentown has faced its own enigmas and threats, from inside and underneath! The thieves' guild continues to grow and strangle out honest business, and a vile cult of demonologists has made their home just outside the city walls. Never mind the dwarven halls hidden just beneath the sewers, crawling with oozes of every variety!

Welcome to Dalentown, the perfect settlement to start your 5th edition adventures! Or, use it as a stopping off point and get the adventurers embroiled in local underworld activity, tense politicking, or the hunt for artifacts...or a rare ingredient for a really great mushroom stew for the halflings of Rock Down! It's all here in Adventures in Dalentown for 5th Edition!


  • Dalentown, a large town to serve as a headquarters or waypoint for your adventures, including dozens of NPCs, full details on several locations, and a full look at the settlements defenses, commerce, government, and its many mysteries!
  • Two additional settlements: the halfling and gnomish village of Rock Down, and the evil-aligned, artifact-hoarding Wizard's Enclave.
  • A brand new map of Dalentown by Elven Tower Cartography. Plus additional maps by Elven Tower Cartography and Dyson Logos.
  • Well over two dozen adventure ideas, encounter groups, and several encounter tables to build on the ecology of the region and help you create memorable encounters.
  • 7 new and modified monsters: giant ants, giant leeches, desert basilisks, nymphs, and more.
  • 5 new backgrounds: farmer, hedge mage, hunter, trader, trapper.
  • 3 fully fleshed out factions for player characters to join or struggle against!
  • Includes a map pack, NPC index, and the full SRD 5.1 as a separate PDF so you have everything you need to play!

Written by Matthew Bannock. Edited & Developed by Tim Bannock. Art by Bruno Balixa, Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, Gary Dupuis, Theophile Tardif-Desvaux. Cartography by Elven Tower Cartography, Dyson Logos.


Buy Now$4.95 USD or more

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Adventures-in-Dalentown-5E_8x11_v2_FINAL.pdf 13 MB

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