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Feast on the major food groups of the Darkness Beneath Dalentown: jellies, puddings, oozes, and slimes!

A crew of workers expanding the sewers of the growing trade settlement Dalentown have stumbled upon an ancient library of magical lore once held by the dwarves who mined crystal veins. But the spirits that haunt these halls speak of a deeper darkness that grows in the bowels of their cursed hold. The adventurers will have to find eternal peace for the restless dwarven spirits, contend with ratfolk who understand the true terrors in the dark, and stop a mad demon from unleashing a horde of slimy creations upon the surface world!

Tier 2 characters (levels 5-10) will face NPCs with hair raising tales of haunts, spirits that can be laid to rest through various methods (or destroyed if your party is into hack and slash!), mindless oozes and slimes controlled by a powerful demon, fiendish enemies, zombie hordes, ratfolk mercenaries that can be friend or foe, and much more in this adventure for tier 2 characters of the world's most popular roleplaying game!


  • A standard 8.5x11 version of the full text, a landscape "visual layout" version turning each level of the dungeon into a complete one-page dungeon, and a 6x9 text version of the adventure. Optimize this adventure for the devices and layout that you prefer!
  • A bestiary of monsters pulled from a half dozen OGL sources, plus new monster stat blocks and magic items.
  • Beautiful cartography by Elven Tower Cartography across 4 dungeon levels and the settlement of Dalentown.
  • Gorgeous artwork by Dean Spencer, Bruno Balixa, Patrick E. Pullen, Rick Hershey, Jack Holliday, and others.
  • All versions are fully bookmarked and linked for easy navigation. The 6x9 version is optimized to display best on phones, tablets, and e-readers. The landscape version is optimized for widescreen display.


Folks familiar with the OSR version of The Darkness Beneath Dalentown won't find a 1:1 conversion here: this adventure has been rebuilt from the ground up to make use of 5th edition rules and strategies. It features all new art and layout.

Pick up Adventures in Dalentown for 5th Edition here to snag the campaign setting used in this adventure, but note that the adventure is written so you can easily place it in any campaign setting you want!

Written & Developed by Matthew Bannock and Tim Bannock. Cartography by Elven Tower Cartography. Cover Art by Dean Spencer. Interior Art by Dean Spencer, Bruno Balixa, Patrick E. Pullen, Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, Jack Holliday, and public domain artwork.


Buy Now$4.95 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

DD01-The-Darkness-Beneath-Dalentown-5E_6x9_v1_FINAL.pdf 3 MB
DD01-The-Darkness-Beneath-Dalentown-5E_8x11_v1_FINAL.pdf 8 MB
DD01-The-Darkness-Beneath-Dalentown-5E_landscape_v1_FINAL.pdf 6 MB
Map-Pack_DD-01.pdf 8 MB
SRD-OGL_V5.1.pdf 4 MB


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The sequel is out now!

OSR version of the sequel coming Tue 3/23/21 as well! You can find the OSR version of this adventure here.

Looks cool man.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy the adventure, or find some inspiration in it to steal for your homebrew!