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An add-on system for building, crafting & cooking in DeScriptors.

Get the core rules for free at DeScriptorsRPG.com.

With settings like Monsters Guild of the Ancient Lands already in DeScriptors: Definitive Edition, players and GMs have been in need of a crafting system for some time. Here it is! DeScriptors: Craft takes the idea of making anything and brings it to life with a simple dice based system that determines Traits and Flaws.

BETA Variation

NOTE: These rules are in BETA and are offered as Pay What You Want. Enjoy it for free, if you'd like! That said, once we make $25 off this release, we will incorporate an additional write-up expanding this system and detailing how it works in monster harvesting-style game (and possibly other genres!) with loads of examples and options. This also ensures the system will be playtested, finalized, and published in a future DeScriptors book!


  • A crafting/recipe/cooking rule variant add-on for DeScriptors RPG that fits on a business card.
  • Included are a PDF version as well as a high resolution image version.
  • We've also added an 8.5x11 printer-friendly version.
  • If enough folks like you support this release, it gets expanded and improved!
  • We value your feedback as we playtest these rules. Comment here or drop us a line at DeScriptorsRPG.com.


Created by Matthew Bannock

Developed by Tim Bannock for the #pleasurecardrpg jam on itch.io

Anvil and Tinker by Lorc, Cook by Delapouite under CC BY 3.0, from game-icons.net


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