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Create characters in a minute. Come up with a handful of encounters, scenarios, or plot twists in five minutes...or even on the fly! Run a full, satisfying game in just 1-2 hours...or longer! Within the compact nature of the game, the use of adjectives and nouns forces characters to change and grow as they deal with the scenarios they face, and therefore a short series of continuous sessions or even a long campaign are fully supported, and your characters will evolve!

DeScriptors: Definitive Edition expands upon the previously released "Anything Goes PWYW Version" by including not one but five fully detailed campaign settings, complete with scenario ideas, optional rules, advice, and pregenerated characters. This helps to show the true range that a narrative game like DeScriptors can provide! The Definitive Edition comes complete with an FAQ-style game master/storyteller guide: creator Matthew Bannock and Worldbuilder's Anvil podcast host Jeffery Ingram answer a series of questions regarding inspiration for narrative games, gettings players who are used to more "traditional" RPGs into the mindset of DeScriptors, balancing encounters with regard to trait-bidding, and their experiences running the game. Functional advice for an incredibly open-ended game!

The settings are:

Ethanol Pop: Wondrous Days. This steampunk fantasy slice-of-life game is filled with wondrous gizmos, genre-bending mashups, and scenarios that are equally at home in a pastoral fantasy or an airship pirate campaign!

Anything Goes: While You Were Gone. The setting featured in the PWYW "Anything Goes" edition of DeScriptors and inspired by the micro fiction story "While you were gone" reappears here for completeness' sake! This bizarre setting has been described as "RIFTS as played for laughs": portals to alternate dimensions have ravaged the world, but you can run funny, scary, or epic scenarios with equal ease.

Hunters Guild of the Ancient Lands. This fantasy campaign setting is perfect for monster hunter scenarios or a "gotta collect 'em all" monster training/fighting scenarios! The players build characters who are members of a guild that strikes out into a truly fantastic, utterly mysterious monster-filled world, hoping to catalogue them, tame them, fight them, or harvest them for trade. The vistas are truly remarkable, and certainly the product of some kind of great magic. What mysteries might be unearthed while searchng for incredible monsters throughout the Ancient Lands?

SUPERMAX! A superhero campaign in a "dystopian utopia" - superpunk, if you will! In this setting, superpowered folks beat back an alien invasion and helped unite the Earth's government, creating a utopia. Except, if you're a powered individual, you're either in prison -- SUPERMAX prison, of course! -- or you're one of the prison guards. "Utopia" indeed! Also, as it turns out, there's a conspiracy involving alien technology recovered from the invasion force...

The Philosopher's Stone. You are one of the brave few that stands against the madness-inducing interlopers from beyond the realms of reason, hoping to heal the wounds of reality-warping Cthulhu-esque monsters as they ravage the land. This setting works in a fantasy world, in 1920s New England, or in the modern world: the point is that the madness is palpable, and only you can help repair reality.

Written & Developed by Matthew Bannock

Additional Writing, Editing & Layout by Tim Bannock

Cover & Interior Art by: Bruno Balixa, Rick Hershey, Currens, Kellepics, Pixexid


Buy Now$4.95 USD or more

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