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A Word Game Micro RPG. Featuring a gonzo setting of multiversal mayhem.
A Word Game Micro RPG. A complete diceless TTRPG for any genre!
Discover three new worlds in this complete diceless RPG, featuring a 1-page rules reference.
DeScriptors RPG optimized for high stakes interpersonal drama.
Building, crafting & cooking in DeScriptors RPG.
Resource management & survival-horror in DeScriptors RPG
Three settlements and loads of intrigue and opportunity for the diceless DeScriptors RPG.
A full fledged fantasy dungeoncrawl with tons of encounters and options for the diceless DeScriptors RPG.
Three settlements filled with adventure seeds, maps, encounter tables, monsters, backgrounds, and factions!
A four-level dungeon crawl that threatens the settlement above it, for 4-6 tier 2 characters (levels 5-10).
A house of horrors 5e adventure for tier 2 adventurers.
Meet three new, fully-developed ancestries: antlings, bovathi, and cawbrie!
Discover the mysterious Western Frontier, establish a homebase, and embark on adventure!
An OSR adventure for characters of levels 8-12 featuring hordes of oozes, undead, and demons!
A house of horrors adventure for OSR adventures of levels 10-14
A business card TTRPG of fantastic classes and deadly challenges.
Build your heroes. Build your community. Adventure for prosperity. A community-minded #SwordDream style fantasy RPG.
A diceless tabletop RPG about legendary characters exploring living dungeons formed from the corpses of dragons.

DeScriptors RPG

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